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Millennium: 1st Millennium BC
Centuries: 11th cent. BC10th cent. BC9th cent. BC
Decades: 1000s BC 990s BC 980s BC970s BC960s BC 950s BC 940s BC
Years: 973 BC 972 BC 971 BC970 BC969 BC 968 BC 967 BC
970 BC in other calendars
Gregorian calendar970 BC
Ancient Egypt eraXXI dynasty, 108
Ancient Greek era194 before 1st Olympiad
Assyrian calendar3781
Bengali calendar−1562
Berber calendar−19
Buddhist calendar−425
Burmese calendar−1607
Byzantine calendar4539–4540
Chinese calendar庚戌(Metal Dog)
1727 or 1667
    — to —
辛亥年 (Metal Pig)
1728 or 1668
Coptic calendar−1253 – −1252
Discordian calendar197
Ethiopian calendar−977 – −976
Hebrew calendar2791–2792
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat−913 – −912
 - Shaka SamvatN/A
 - Kali Yuga2131–2132
Holocene calendar9031
Iranian calendar1591 BP – 1590 BP
Islamic calendar1640 BH – 1639 BH
Javanese calendarN/A
Julian calendarN/A
Korean calendar1364
Minguo calendar2881 before ROC
Nanakshahi calendar−2437
Thai solar calendar−427 – −426

The year 970 BC was a year of change in the nation of Israel. Solomon, the son of King David, succeeded his father and took hold of the kingdom. Although he was promised the kingdom, his older brother — Absalom — tried to take it first.